FormKeep releases a new feature that allows you to send single emails to your submissions. Welcome to Email Campaigns!

A bit of a quick run on how Email Campaigns work:

After subscribing to the 'Email Marketing Introductory' plan and setting up your Email Footer with a physical address, you can then enable contact collection in Settings and start creating your single emails right away!

To learn more about pricing with Email Campaigns, check here!

With the new launch, we expected some questions might rise up about Email campaigns. This will be continuously updated with every new insight and inquiry, so feel free to check out this section for common questions about Email Campaigns!


What do the email sender's field look like?

"sender_email via"

Can I use HTML in my email messages?

Yes, just make sure you've turned off 'Use Markdown' as that can interfere with proper handling of the HTML.

What are the different statuses that Contacts can be in?

Undeliverable - there was a problem sending to this contact and will not receive any future emails.

Unsubscribed - The contact has unsubscribed and will not receive any future emails.

Disabled - you have manually disabled the contact and it will not receive any future emails.

Active - the contact appears healthy and will be sent future emails.

What fields are available on the Contact?

Any fields that get sent from your form will also be saved into the Contact. Multiple submissions will overwrite older values, while new values will simply be added to the Contact. If a form stops sending a value, any existing values on the Contact will remain and not be changed.

Can I include images in my Emails?

Yes you can! But the images need to be hosted on your site. Just use and HTML img tag like:

<img src=""/>

Can people unsubscribe from my lists?

Yes, there's a link included in the footer of every mail!

What happens if someone submits their email a second time?

They will be 'resubscribed' and the new values from the second submission will overwrite the current values in the Contact.

What happens if a Contact email bounces?

The contact will be marked Disabled and will not receive any more emails.

I mistakenly sent emails to all my contacts, can I stop that or get a refund?

Unfortunately no, once the emails have been sent off to be delivered they cannot be recalled. We do not offer refunds on email sending.

How do I activate Undeliverable or Unsubscribed Contacts?

They will need to re-subscribe to your list by submitting their email again to your form. The Undeliverable or Unsubscribed status will be cleared and we will try to deliver emails the next time you send one.

Why do I need a Physical Address before I can send?

See CAN-SPAM regulations that you need to comply with to send email.

What does Import Contact do?

It will read through all your submissions and create a contact for every unique email. It will be looking for the email based a field called email or email_address. Newer re-submissions will overwrite the values in the Contact.

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