This FAQ will discuss specifics on the pricing of FormKeep's new feature, Email Campaigns!

For basic FAQs about the FormKeep Email Campaigns feature, check here.

A quick run down on the pricing:

The Email Marketing Introductory Plan is dependent on the amount of sends you do in a month.

For example, during the month, across all of the forms under your account:

  • sending 0 emails in a month would cost $0.00

  • sending 750 emails would cost $0.83 ( 750 * .0011 )

  • sending 10,000 emails would cost $11.00 ( 10,000 * .0011 )

  • sending 150,000 emails would cost $165.00 ( 150,000 * .0011 )

With the new launch, we expected some questions might rise up about Email campaign pricing. This will be continuously updated with every new insight and inquiry, so feel free to check out this section for common questions about Email Campaign Pricing!

FAQ on Pricing

Do Disabled Contacts count when I send out email to my Contacts?

No, only Contacts marked Active will be used to calculate your costs.

Do I get charged if I don't send any mails this month?

No, if you've not sent any mails this period there is no charge. If you only send 1 email this period, you would be charged 0.0011$.

What happens if I cancel my account or disable Email Sending?

You will be billed for any emails that you've already sent at the end of the period.

Will I be charged for sending test emails?

No, only actually sending mails to your list of Contacts will incur a cost.

Can I have different billing information for different forms?

No, all the costs for sending emails will be incurred at the Account level. You can easily create multiple Accounts for billing, and then give Team Member access to all the forms to a single person if needed.

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