The Teams tab allows you to grant access to a specific form to another team member.

Collaborators will need to create a FormKeep account, but do not need to be on a paid plan to access your forms. Once they have created an account, you can add them under the Teams tab by their email. By default they'll be View Only, but you can give them Edit permissions if they need them.

Edit Collaborators

Collaborators with Edit permissions can update any settings on the form, but they cannot delete the form. This is great for handing the form over to a web developer to get things setup the way you want and then you can remove them when everything is done.

View Only Collaborators

View only collaborators can only see the Submissions, Setup, Reports, and Collaborators tabs. This is great for contractors or developers who want their clients to be able to access or export the data, but don't want them to accidentally make breaking changes to the form settings themselves.


Under the Collaborator tab, they will be able to see the emails of all the users that have access to the Form. They can delete themselves from the list, but otherwise they can't make any changes.

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