Can I use FormKeep forms to capture sales leads?

You sure can! Lots of our customers do this.

Sales lead is an important aspect of business, as this is the data that identifies prospects as a potential buyer of your product or service. You can gain the much needed insight and access to sales leads through right marketing efforts and tools!

With FormKeep, you can capture sales leads with our direct native integrations Zapier and Integrately. The integrations also help you set up apps to identify important aspects of your customers to send direct mailings, and create a database for building your lists.

Use online forms to capture any type of prospect information and distribute it to applications using FormKeep’s Webhook or Zapier integration to applications like Salesforce or Hubspot. Email and Slack notifications can also automatically notify your staff when new data is collected.

FormKeep is flexible so you can collect data from any website and any customer and store it in a central location and, importantly, pipe that information into thousands of different applications that you use throughout your organization like Google Docs,, MailChimp and others.

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