Inbox lets you view, search, and manage the submissions to your form. Each of the submissions can be viewed on the left hand side. You can select any submission by clicking the checkbox, or select all to select all submissions. Selecting a submission(s) allows you to take action on that submission(s), ie. deleting it.

Search your submissions

On the upper left hand corner, there is a dropdown menu initialized to “Any Field”, and a search bar. Enter a value into the search bar to return all matching submissions. You can search all fields of all submissions, or restrict search to one field (e.g. “first name”). You can enter a partial string match (e.g. “mom” will return submissions with the values “mom”, “mommy”, and “momma”).


Inbox List actions

  • Select all checks all the currently visible submissions.
  • Delete all deletes all selected submissions.
  • Mark all as spam marks all selected submissions as spam. If a submission is marked as spam, it will remove from default inbox view. You can still view spam submissions by clicking “view spam submissions”. Once there, you have the option to unmark the submission as spam, or permanently delete it.
  • Export Quick link to the Reports tab where you can download all your submissions

Individual submissions

  • Reply quick mailto: link to respond to this submission
  • Delete permanently deletes this submission
  • Mark as Spam teaches the spam system that submissions like this should be marked as spam in the future, removes it from the Inbox
  • Resend email resends submission notification email
  • Copy to clipboard highlights and saves to clipboard the text of the submission

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