Configure notification settings for both yourself and for your form recipients.

Send Notification

Commonly, you’ll want to send an email to yourself when someone submits your form.

Here you can configure when the notification email goes out, a Daily summary or a new email for every submission. If you get a large volume of submissions the Daily email makes more sense. For lower volume, or urgent requests, then the Immediate option makes sense.

The only required field is the email (or list of emails) to send to. There are reasonable defaults for the other values.

The Message will include all the values submitted by the form. It will include links to any attached files, but will not include the files themselves. The message can be customized and include any of the values from the Submission. See th Formatting Help tab for the specifics to your form.

Send Reply

If your form includes an email field, or you’ve set the Email field in the Spam Settings you can also send a email back to the user that submitted your form.

Many of our customers use this to send them a whitepaper or other document after registering their email.

Send Verification

Select whether you are sent a verification email when someone new (not previously seen email address) makes a submission.

This is commonly referred to as a Double Opt in.

FormKeep will not send any other notification emails, Google Sheet, Slack or other integrations to you until they do. Once they verify, then all the normal actions will happen with that submission and you’ll get notified of their information.

In your Inbox you will see a small icon indicating which submissions are not yet verified.


Shows engagement statistics with your notification and reply emails including Opened, Clicked, Dropper and Bounced percentages.

Formatting Help

Contains link to the help page for complete information on formatting your Emails, and a link to Liquid Tag documentation.

See complete information form Markdown or Liquid Tags

» Simple Markdown Examples

Heading           # H1
                  ## H2
                  ### H3
Bold              **bold text**
Italic            *italicized text*
Blockquote        > blockquote
Code              `code`
Link              [title](
Image             ![alt text](image.jpg)
Horizontal Rule   ---
Ordered List
                  1. First item
                  2. Second item
                  3. Third item
Unordered List
                  - First item
                  - Second item
                  - Third item

» Simple Form Field Tags

Assuming your form sent a field named email and name:

Email: {{}}<br/>
Name: {{}}<br/>

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