Adding Forms to WordPress

Forms are easy to install onto a WordPress website in either a post or a page but you cannot copy/paste the form code directly. Instead you need to use a plugin.


  • Install the Code Embed plug-in
  • Add the FormKeep form code as a custom field to a post or page
  • Add the custom field to your post or page

That’s it!

Installing Code Embed

Navigate to the wordpress admin dashboard for your website (typically, and click Plug-ins > Add New

Search for ‘Code Embed’, then both install and activate the plug-in.

Enable Custom Fields

Before you can use the plug-in, you need to enable custom fields in your screen options. Go to any page or post, click screen options at the top, and make sure ‘custom fields’ is enabled.

Adding a form to a post or page

All that is left is to add the form to our post or page. This takes about a minute.

Create a custom field

Edit the post or page that you wish to add your form to and scroll down to the ‘custom fields’ section below the content editor. Create a new custom field with the name CODE1 and paste your form code as the value.

Add it to your post or page

Within the content editor for your post or page type in the value %CODE1% wherever you would like your form to be. Then save the page.

That’s it, navigate to your finished webpage and you’ll see your form proudly embedded in the page.

Additional Information

The code embed plug-in documentation can be found here!