Axios Form Submissions

Getting Axios to send data directly to FormKeep for instant spam protection and deep integration capabilities is easy.

FormKeep is the ultimate solution for effortless form post handling. Are you utilizing Axios for your form submissions? Look no further, as FormKeep seamlessly integrates with Axios, ensuring reliable data capture and efficient management. With a simple and secure API, FormKeep allows you to connect your Axios-powered forms in minutes. Say goodbye to missed leads and spam—FormKeep accepts form posts from Axios, empowering you with advanced analytics, customizable data forwarding options, and a developer-friendly environment. Elevate your form handling capabilities and experience the power of FormKeep today.

You can submit to FormKeep using a standard Axios post request. To ensure the request does not cause a redirect, be sure to set the Accept header to application/javascript.

Below is an example setup and script to get you started! Make sure to replace the “exampletoken” with your real token.

Axios Example

    <meta charset="UTF-8" />
    <script src="" async></script>
    <form id="newsletter-signup"
      <input type="hidden" name="utf8" value="✓">
      <input type="email" name="email">
      <input value="Submit" type="submit">

    <script type="text/javascript">
      // Function to handle form submission
      function handleSubmit(event) {
        event.preventDefault(); // Prevent default form submission behavior

        // Get the form element
        const form = document.getElementById('newsletter-signup');

        // Get the form data
        const formData = new FormData(form);

        const config = {
          headers: {
            'Accept': 'application/javascript', // Set the Accept header to JSON

        // Make a POST request using Axios, formData, config)
          .then(function (response) {
            // Handle the successful response
          .catch(function (error) {
            // Handle the error

      // Add event listener to the form's submit event
      document.getElementById('newsletter-signup').addEventListener('submit', handleSubmit);

Welcome to FormKeep, the premier platform for seamless form post handling. Are you utilizing Axios, the powerful JavaScript library, to handle your form submissions? Look no further, as FormKeep is fully compatible with Axios and ready to supercharge your form data management.

FormKeep empowers businesses and developers by offering a reliable, secure, and user-friendly solution to handle form submissions. With our cutting-edge features and seamless integration capabilities, FormKeep ensures that you never miss a valuable lead or lose critical data. Let us explain how FormKeep can effortlessly accept form posts from Axios and optimize your workflow:

  • Simple Integration: Integrating FormKeep with Axios is a breeze. Our straightforward API allows you to connect your Axios-powered form to FormKeep in minutes. With just a few lines of code, you can start capturing form submissions and leverage the power of FormKeep’s robust features.

  • Reliable Data Capture: When it comes to capturing form data, reliability is key. FormKeep offers a highly stable and secure environment, ensuring that your data is received accurately and consistently. By accepting form posts from Axios through FormKeep, you can rest assured that no valuable information will slip through the cracks.

  • Seamless Data Forwarding: Once your form submissions are received by FormKeep, we provide you with a range of options to handle your data effectively. Whether you prefer email notifications, integration with third-party apps, or direct data forwarding to your own endpoints, FormKeep has you covered. With our intuitive configuration options, you can effortlessly tailor your data forwarding preferences to match your specific needs.

  • Advanced Analytics and Insights: FormKeep goes beyond merely capturing form submissions. Our platform provides powerful integrations with analytics and insights to help you make data-driven decisions. Track form conversion rates, identify high-performing forms, and gain valuable insights into your users’ behavior. By accepting form posts from Axios through FormKeep, you unlock a treasure trove of actionable data to optimize your marketing strategies.

  • Developer-Friendly Environment: As a developer, you’ll appreciate the flexibility and extensibility of FormKeep. Our platform offers advanced customization options, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of form handling. Whether you need to add custom headers, implement webhooks, or integrate with your existing workflows, FormKeep provides a developer-friendly environment to cater to your unique requirements.

In conclusion, if you’re using Axios to handle your form submissions, FormKeep is the perfect companion to streamline your data management process. By seamlessly accepting form posts from Axios, FormKeep ensures reliable data capture, seamless data forwarding, advanced analytics, and a developer-friendly environment. Experience the power of FormKeep today and elevate your form handling capabilities to new heights.

Don’t wait any longer! Sign up for FormKeep now and revolutionize the way you handle form submissions.